AR Events

AR Events

With a plethora of events and activities to pick from out there, focusing on the quality of user experience is a key factor to keep the audience interested. Whether it is a sporting event, open doors, an escape game or a conference, using unique and engaging tools will turn your event into a memorable experience.

Augmented reality is a perfect medium for events

Event strategist have to come up with new ways to innovate and stand out from the crowd. Standards are constantly on the rise, and marketers have to meet those high expectations to sweep users off their feet.

Attendees still love to experience tangible human interaction but they also want to be informed fast and efficiently, and won’t hesitate to turn to their smartphones to complement the information around them or relay it on social media. Grab their attention with printed materials (flyers, posters, pamphlets) and surprise them by adding a digital component to them.

of US marketers generate sales through event marketing (Source)

of marketers believe that digital tools have a positive impact on their events (Source)

of Senior Managers plan on investing more in the event industry Source)

“An overwhelming majority of event marketers believe that technology can have a major positive impact on the success of their events.”

Advantages of augmented reality for your events

  • Engage your audience with an interactive presentation
  • Expand your communication horizons and transmit more information
  • Boost and optimize your event space
  • Minimize installation time by presenting projects and services with digital 3D models
  • Increase memorization rate with a « wow » effect
  • Stand out from competitors with a unique experience
  • Closely observe your attendees’ behaviors and reactions by gathering data and statistics
  • Increase your contact list with contests and questionnaires
  • Provide up-to-date information to participants

There has never been a better time to move towards virtual events and remote presentation of your products and services.

Engage your audience

Repurpose your event budget and engage your audience with an Augmented Reality expo, exhibition, conferences and trade show experience.

In-home experiences

Your audience can experience everything from the comfort of their own home.

Immersive content

Deploy a range of content types in AR, including 2D video, 3D animation and volumetric motion capture.

Create an event experience in Web AR


Augmented Reality 3D Expo, Exhibition, Conference and Trade Show
Display a full Augmented Reality Expo booth, Conferences and Trade show setup in 3D within the homes of your attendees Using Web AR, we can help you give consumers the opportunity to experience a full AR expo, exhibition, conferences and trade show in Augmented Reality from the comfort of their own home. Fully customisable experiences, custom branding and analytic tracking available.



Bespoke development.

Whether you'd like to launch a small 6-booth Augmented Reality expo or trade fair for consumers to experience, or a large multibooth conference, etc. our expert development team are here to bring your virtual event to life.

Custom 3D Assets

Our talented 3D artists are available to design custom 3D assets for use within your AR experience. Custom branded 3D TV's, expo tables, backdrops and so much more available.



1Can we custom brand the 3D AR booths?

Absolutely! Our 3D artists can create custom 3D assets to your exact specification. We can place custom branding wherever you like.

2Is there a limit to the amount of virtual attendees?

No, there is no limit. If you're looking to deploy your AR Expo booth, Conferences and Trade show to a million users, our Web AR experiences can handle the volume. There's no fire marshal restrictions in an AR conference or expo!

3Can I direct users from social media to the AR expo or conference?

Yes! You can link to the experience from either paid social media advertising or simply a link in a social post. The user will be shown clear instruction on how to activate the experience with ease (more activation options here).

4Will users have to download an app to experience this?

No. Every WeDisplayMagic3D AR experience is developed within Web AR and does not require the user to download an app. Compatible on both iOS and Android operating systems, using the native camera and web-browser.


"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"

- Maya Angelou


Our expert team of Web AR developers and marketers are ready to make your campaign a success.

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