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Avoid wasting time and money

People often get lost inside buildings or locations that are unfamiliar to them.

This in itself may not seem a problem however for your businesses, a simple error of people getting lost becomes a costly issue when it impacts meetings, appointments, scheduled visits and any other activity where being on time is imperative to the smooth running of business operations.

Being able to navigate a building quickly becomes even more critical in times of crisis when immediate evacuation is crucial.


Affordable, Quick and Easy to set up

WeDisplayMagic3D’s AR solution can help solve these issues by providing reliable and uninterrupted visual positioning that does not rely on GPS or beacons.

This is a completely stand alone cloud based solution which avoids the need for time and labour intensive IT system integration.

WeDisplayMagic3Dnew innovative full end-to-end Indoor AR (Augmented Reality) wayfinding solution. With use-cases in healthcare, retail, education, transport, events and more. AR In-Navigation provides accurate centimetre positioning, clean indoor maps with turn-by-turn directions, and AR navigation without relying on any external hardware; No beacons, No WiFi, No GPS, No QR Codes. No internet. Only use your mobile phone to setup and use. Large organisations can now provide the best AR experience to their customers, simply and easily.


We transform your building by creating millions of point clouds within the premises with just a mobile phone. Making a searchable digital twin of the area with super high precision to overlay relevant information.


Reliable and persistent visual positioning. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Without relying on any hardware, just your phone.

Intelligent way-finding

Using AI technology to power dynamic AR navigation and voice guidance in, around and out relevant areas in buildings, places and events.


Contextual notifications

Seamlessly push the right content to the right person, at the right time and location. Especially, Real-time alerts about obstructions, emergency evacuation instructions and other hazards.


Customise experiences with interactive elements like points of interest and highlighted routes to suit your needs and make any static space come alive.


From location based tracking to user heat-maps, optimise your operations with actionable data.

WeDisplayMagic3D AR in-navigation is relevant to your business.
Use cases.

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Leisure
  • Transport
  • Office

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