Print marketing just got a whole lot more exciting.

From Direct Mail, to flyers, postcards, posters and everything in between. We can apply Augmented Reality to almost every type of print collateral.

Increased Engagment

Encourage more people to engage with your print marketing. Print marketing with an AR experience achieves over 40% engagement rate.


High ROI

A higher level of engagement, drives a higher level of clicks. The result? More visitors to the destination of your choice, and more conversions.

Track and Re-Target

Digitize a channel that previously was never meant to be digital. Track the consumers that have engaged with your marketing

Bring your print to life

Display your brand story within a video tracked to a postcard, or have a 3D brand mascot jump from the poster to say 'Hi' - endless possibilities to be creative.


Multiple Experience Options
We've worked to launch 2D and 3D AR print marketing campaigns. Get in touch with our team to go over the different experience styles available to you.



Clickable CTA's

Within every WeDisplayMagic3D Web AR experience, we always focus on the campaign goal. If it's driving website traffic or conversions, we'll carefully place super-clickable Call-to-Action buttons within the experience to drive those all important valuable actions.

Analytics Dashboard

Through our analytics dashboard, we're able to measure all of the metrics necessary, to monitor the success of your campaign. See how many users have viewed your experience, for how long they engaged with your content and if they've clicked through to your website, social media or other destination of your choice.



1Do you provide printing fulfillment also?

Our core company focus is on creating and deploying high-performance AR campaigns. However, we do have printing partners around the the country, so if printing fulfilment is something you need assistance with - we can assist.

2Can you use a pre-existing print design that we have already had produced?

Yes. If you can give us access to the original high-res file, we can work with your existing to design to get it Web AR ready. Alternatively, we have in-house graphic artists that can create your design from scratch.

3Can we custom brand the experience?

Absolutely. You we can fully customize the branding within your Augmented Reality experience. This includes things like vanity URL's, custom branded HUD and loading screen.

4Do you have any examples that you can show us?

Yes! We have filmed a range of previous customer examples over on our YouTube channel (coming soon), or you can take a look at most recent case studies on our AR case study page.


"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"

- Maya Angelou


Our expert team of Web AR developers and marketers are ready to make your campaign a success.

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