360 Virtual Tours are interactive and immersive, allowing viewers to navigate effortlessly in a 360-degree scope around any space of your choosing. Incorporate floorplans, interactive maps, hotspots, sound and even video. With the advancements of devices such as tablets and smartphones, interactive media is becoming an expected entity in modern websites.

Personalise Your Tours So That They Match Your Company Branding

On our Pro Packages all of your tours are customisable to show your own company branding. We'll design the user interface around your brand, including: hotspots, buttons, maps and more.
When that’s looking awesome, we can implement the VT into your website, allowing users great access to view your epic space. All of our virtual tours are hand crafted and customized to suit absolutely every client. We work to your brand guidelines and can integrate the VT, navigation, floor plans, maps and more exactly to your company style.

What Can You Change?

The Nadir Image

This is the logo that you can see at the very bottom of your tour (circular logo that covers the tripod, normally on the floor), by default it will be our logo.

Nadir Logo Patch for Google Street View and 360º Photo Spheres Standard Design

Client provides
  • Logo (vector base or png transparent background at least 300 ppi)
  • 40 characters of text and spaces
Client receives:
  • 256 pixels x 256 pixels .png file

The Hotspot Image

This is what you click on to move into another room within the any of our virtual tours. This can be changed very easily to match your company branding.

Virtual Staging

WeDisplayMagic3D can stage your 3D Virtual Tour. We can edit the panoramas, change floors and even add walls in as little as 48 hours.

Add Furniture

By furnishing your tour you can change the entire feeling of a space. You change a house into a home. We have an extensive library that is continuously expanding.

You may decide to pick a style and we can dress the tour or you can supply a planning document with style and references which we can match.

If you have your own 3D models then please get in touch as we can add your own bespoke furniture to your tour.

Change floors and walls

Virtual staging does not have to begin and end with the addition of furniture. We can change floor materials, wall colours and even refit entire interiors. Adding interior walls and in some cases removing existing furniture can be completed. Please get in touch for these more specific requirements.

Part of the process

As part of the virtual staging process we can adjust panoramas to remove unwanted items.

We can add skies, blur sensitive data and change the views from windows.

Do more!

By getting in touch with WeDisplayMagic3D you can begin thinking about 3D Virtual tours in an entirely different way. We are no longer simply capturing reality, We can change it!

Info Label

Embed annotations and media in your digital twin to highlight key features of your property. Add Premium Content To Showcase Your Property

Optimise all of your 3D virtual tours to showcase your listings in the best possible light. Add everything from text to full blown 360 degree videos, photos and Google street maps. It makes perfect sense to present everything in the easiest and clearest way possible to give the best first impression of a space that you can.

Info labels are perfect when you want to add context to a property for example in terms of its location or simply offer further information about any fixtures and fittings within.

Click on the labels in the tour example below to see how they bring the appliances in this kitchen to life and add a layer of quality to your marketing efforts.

  • Embed Images And Text
  • Embed Video
  • Embed Google Street Maps
  • Embedded Web URL

Schematic Floor Plans

Generate schematic floor plans of your property with the push of a button. After a WeDisplayMagic3D 3D Walkthrough has been produced, traditional Floor Plans can be generated using the underlying 3D data model.

Simple 2D floor plans, 3D graphical floor plans and site plans can be produced.

The floor plans include room labels and the approximate floor area in square metres, and can be exported in .PDF and .PNG formats.


Measure any item within the property, any aspect of your space, such as walls, windows, furniture, and more.

High Definition Photos

We also shoot specifically with photography in mind. 4K print quality photography automatically generated; or choose your own.

Got a location you want to share with the world? We’ll give you the tools to inform your customers about you in an engaging and stimulating way. Tell us about your brief today.

For more on our amazing virtual tours go to our Portfolio Now!


We can help place your business on Google Street View which will help people to easily discover your business and give customers the opportunity to explore your business even before they arrive or make a booking. In addition to the interior business walkthrough tours via Google, we also provide street-level map updates.



1What Is 3D Virtual Tour?

Virtual Tour allows potential customers to experience real world spaces from their phones or desktop, and in virtual reality through a VR gear. It feels so real as if you were there physically!

2How long does it take to scan a typical home?

On average, it takes about 45 minutes to scan 1,000 square feet (93 meters squared). Scan time can vary based on the complexity of the location and other factors.

3Can I embed The Virtual tour on a website?

Yes. You can also share on social media.

4Can I highlight key features, make punch lists or add other media
and information to my space?

Yes! You can annotate your 3D spaces with helpful descriptions, call-outs prices, or links to other resources.

5Do you handle projects out Lagos and Nigeria?

Yes! We have the capability to support projects within and outside Nigeria.

6How do you stage my tour?

It begins with you briefing our team on the specific requirements for your staging. You will need to transfer your tour to us, we willstage it and once complete, we will transfer the tour back to you.
Tours need to be empty and unfurnished. If it is not, please get in touch as there is a certain amount we can remove.

7How Long does it take?

It can take as little as 48 hours. We have found the approval and design process can take longer. However our tool set allows us to technically complete any project in hours.

8What furniture do you have?

We have an extensive and constantly expanding library of furniture. We will share furniture styles during the briefing stage and can often replicate your references.

9Why the one off cost?

In order to stage a 3D Virtual tour and edit the high resolution panoramas we have to prepare the file and download all of the assets. This one off, upfront cost enables us to quickly stage of all the scan points. All prices are subject to change during our beta launch.

10Is it worth it?

We think so. Its the difference between an empty house and a home. Help your clients sell a space, try out designs and amend the panoramas in a way you never have been able to before.

11How much do you charge?

We provide custom quote depending on the size of the space.



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